Roblox Treasure Quest Codes 2020 List

Searching for treasure quest Roblox codes in the internet might sometimes be a little challenging. But do not despair because this article will help you claim rewards with all the active, updated and valid codes for treasure quest that you need. The more codes you claim, the bigger is your chances to collect items which will help you stay ahead in the gameplay.

Treasure Quest Roblox Codes List

Whether you wanted to combat monsters, level up to different quests or simply steal treasures, treasure quest codes wiki will help you achieve your ultimate target. Remember that we share new and active codes in this site, however you must be quick in redeeming them because they might expire after a while. Once these codes are expired, they will no longer be available to use in the game.

Here is the full list of treasure quest codes:

2hourexp1 XP Potion for 4 hours
2hourluck1 Luck Potion for 4 hours
10storage+10 Backpack Slots
* LIVEOPS1 XP Potion ( not working)
alienFree Levelup
anothereffect1 Random Effect
anotherpotion1 Random Potion
area511 Luck Potion
autumn1 XP Potion
bankslots+25 Bank Slots
beefy1 Heal Potion
bestcostume1 Health Potion
BIGBOOST1 Luck Potion
blackbelt1 Random Effect
blizmid1 Avalanche
bossanubis500 Gold
candyquest1 Gold Potion
cavesrevamp1 Effect Potion
coralrevamp1 Luck Potion
desertcactus500 Gold
EGGHUNT20201 XP Potion
endlessmode1 Random Effect
evenmorexp1 XP Potion
experienceboost1 XP Potion
experienceboost21 XP Potion
extrastorage+1 Backpack Space
freecoins500 Gold
freelevelFree Levelup
freepotion1 Random Potion
freepotion21 Random Potion
freestorage+1 Backpack Slots
givemelevels1 XP Potion
goldrush1 Gold Potion
halloweenupdate1 Luck Potion
happy4thofjuly1 Random Effect
hi1 XP Potion
hypehype1 Random Effect
i<3candycorn25 Candy Corn
i<3effects1 Random Effect
i<3levelsFree Levelup
i<3storage+5 Backpack Space
icecold1 XP Potion
ilovegold1 Gold Potion
ilovesales1 Gold Potion
ilovexmas+5 Backpack Slots
ilovexp1 XP Potion
imfeelinglucky1 Luck Potion
junglerevamp1 XP Potion
king1 Random Effect
levelupFree Levelup
localization1 Random Effect
luckfordays1 Luck Potion
luckluckluck1 Luck Potion
millionmembers1 Ravager
mythicalplzLuck Potion
naughty1 Luck Potion
newabilities1 Random Potion
newdungeon500 Gold
newdungeonhype1 XP Potion
newlobbyhype1 Luck Potion
newmonstershype1 Random Potion
nice1 Luck Potion
nosniy=noob1 Random Effect
officialrelease500 Gold
omgrobots1 Luck Potion
ONEYEAR1 One & Done (Cosmetic) [LIMITED TIME]
peppermints1 XP Potion
plzgivemythical1 Luck Potion
PROTECTOR1 Luck Potion
pumpkincarving1 XP Potion
puredamage1 Damage Potion
purehealth1 Damage Potion
questskips4 Free Quest Skips
questskips24 Free Quest Skips
randomeffect1 Random Effect
randompotion1 Random Potion
ranoutofideas1 Effect Potion
razorfishgaming1 Random Potion
samurai1 Luck Potion
sensei=noob1 Random Effect
sewersrevamp1 Luck Potion
shoprevamp1 Luck Potion
sinistereerie1 Damage Potion
spookyseason1 Luck Potion
SPRINGTIME+10 Bank Slots
stronk1 Damage Potion
sugarquestFree Levelup
summerishere1 Luck Potion
tanqr1 XP Potion
terabritegames1 XP Potion
tofuu1 Random Effect
treasure500 Gold
trueninja1 Damage Potion
twiistedpandora1 Random Effect
ufo1 XP Potion
ultimaterarity1 Luck Potion
update1500 Gold
update2Free Levelup
update71 Random Effect
update8+5 Backpack Space
update91 XP Potion
update101 XP Potion
update111 XP Potion
update121 XP Potion
update141 Luck Potion
update15XP Potion
update161 XP Potion
UPDATE181 XP Potion
update191 XP Potion
UPDATE211 XP Potion
UPDATE221 XP Potion
updatesoonFree Levelup
ved_dev1 Random Effect
winterishere1 XP Potion
xppotion1 XP Potion
yummycandy1 Gold Potion

How To Redeem Codes In Treasure Quest Roblox Game

Earning coins and other items such as gems, pets and more is one of the features which make this game extra fun and exciting. Using Roblox treasure quest codes can help you claim these rewards. Players in the game compete each other to target a higher level and all the fantastic rewards collected mean a big factor for attaining such goal. Once you have started collecting the codes and redeem the rewards you need, it would be easy to conquer obstacles along the way.

To improve your gaming experience, here are the steps to help you redeem treasure quest codes:

  1. Click the “Twitter” icon at the right side of your screen.
  2. A screen will then appear where you need to enter the code (you can copy and paste the code).
  3. Tap the “Enter” button to claim the reward.

Final Words:

Have you redeemed any reward using the above codes? If you need additional codes for other Roblox codes, keep visiting us to get more. For suggestions and comments, feel free to leave us a message below.

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