This song celebrates the diverse talents within the Roblox community. From game developers and artists to strategists and leaders, every note acknowledges the unique skills each player brings to the platform, making it a vibrant and inclusive environment.

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Roblox Song Roblox ID
Can You Feel My Heart 221752627
Nightstep - Harder Better Faster Stronger 1725158510
Theory Of Everything 2 Roblox ID 1277261968
African running meme 5802290196
Rohan Voiceline 1 6187029961
Fortnite Thanos Sounds 1821407091
Suite Op. 21 - Impromptu 1848046781
My Way Ava Max Roblox ID 1948564182
no dont do it. 6103131057
Maggie - Pretty Girl (Clean) 746054781
as the world caves in but sadder 5898758902
Wilhem Yell 271693128
Piano Emotion 1838846121
Frolic - Luciano Michellini 691540143
Yamahshiwta - Inveja (By: yGhostxL e Y_Andrey) 6292486115
The Contra Void 6133522644
Crystalline - The Midnight 1090614730
Before The Ceremony 1842934773
Piccolo you have no sauce 5751581067
Fantasia Mobile (C) 1846002542

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