Roblox Power Simulator Codes 2020 List

The power simulator codes can work similarly as the most simulators can do. The main aim of the game is to earn and collect coins in order to get more perks and equipments to win the battle. So to give the anime lovers a better experience the game developers will develop and release power sim codes time to time and make the game more interesting. By using these promotional codes you can add extra coins, pets, and equipments to win the game in the short time than other players.

Power Simulator Roblox Codes List

Codes for power simulators can be a phrase of singular words or combined alphanumeric words that can be copied and pasted into “redeem code section” inside the game. These power similar codes can help you boost up a particular game with variety of different rewards included with the promo code. The Power similar has codes only from twitter and also from some other platforms like YouTube codes. Mainly the twitter as the GUI icon with twitter logo has the codes.

TokenLifeGet 175 tokens
PETCAVEGet 150 tokens
BOTSGet 150 tokens
RIPLighthouseGet 150 tokens
JERSITO4Get 150 tokens
ROBOTSGet 150 tokens
TidemasterGet 150 tokens
100KLikesGet 150 tokens
FREETOKENSGet 150 tokens
35MGet 150 tokens
VillainGet 150 tokens
15MGet 150 tokens
TokenMasterGet 125 tokens

These promo codes are applicable only once per user so everyone needs to use this carefully as these are also case sensitive. So if you put the code wrong once then you can’t be able to redeem your rewards using that particular code.

DVYZGet 175 tokens
BAROGet 150 tokens
SLYGet 150 tokens
SUB2INTELPLAYZGet 150 tokens
SUB2COOKIEGet 150 tokens
SUB2DEILDPLAYSGet 150 tokens
SUB2AZENDGet 150 tokens
SUB2RAINWAYGet 150 tokens
SUB2REKTWAYGet 150 tokens
SUB2TELANTHRICGet 150 tokens
SUB2TANQRGet 150 tokens
SCOTTYGet 150 tokens
SUB2RUSSOGet 150 tokens
SUB2REXEXGet 150 tokens
SUB2POKEGet 150 tokens
SUB2ROBZIGet 150 tokens
SUB2SENIACGet 150 tokens
SUB2TOFUUGet 150 tokens
SUB2BANDITESGet 150 tokens
SUB2NIKTACGet 150 tokens
SUB2FLAMINGOGet 150 tokens

How To Redeem Codes In Power Simulator Roblox Game

To redeem the roblox power simulator codes and earn rewards to enjoy your gaming experience to higher level you need to follow the below easy steps:

  • Find the blue color button as “Codes” on left side of screen.
  • Enter your promotional code that you want to redeem.
  • Now, Click on the Submit button shown in green color.
  • Then, Navigate to Statistics to check your rewards.
  • You will only get the rewards when it say “Success”!

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