Roblox Murder Mystery 3 Codes 2020 List

We see there are a lot of interesting and successful games on the Roblox platform, but there are also some games which have failed on Roblox. Murder Mystery 3 comes under this category. Murder Mystery 3 game is no more available now. It ended up in a very short amount of time. Initially, you will be given some magnets and better backpacks which hold 30 dollars. In this game, the players are tasked to collect gold coins which can convert into cash by selling those coins. Cash is used to buy new backpacks and magnets. There will be eggs and pets too. Finally, during the last days of the game it was updated with hats also. This collection of coins can be done at different places which are figured out in maps. You need to have enough coins to access some parts of the maps. But this game is the second most popular game after jailbreaking on Roblox during its working period.In this game, 8 people can play at a time. People who earn more cash win the game.

Murder Mystery 3 Roblox Codes List

As we discussed earlier you need to earn more coins to win the game, we have some codes in the Murder Mystery 3 which provides a boost to earn coins easily. These codes are to be redeemed in order to get the reward and cash. There are many valid codes in this game but no expired codes.

GROUP – Get unknown item
PENCILS – Get the Godly Pencil Knife and a Rare Pencil Knife
FROMHELL – Get unknown item
Pizza – Get unknown item
B4GH4MM3R – Get the Purple Hammer
POD1GG – Get unknown item
HAMMER – Get unknown item
VIRTUAL – Get Divine Sword
P0T4T0 – Get Potato
HERO – Get unknown item
EASTER3GG – Get Secret Chroma Easter Gun
N2GC0D3 – Get Blue Mini Hammer
YEETED – Get unknown item
drea – Get unknown item
FL4M35 – Get the Flame Thrower Gun
ANT – Get Antster Knife
seeks – Get unknown item
P1X3L – Get Pixelated Sword
exotic – Get Exotic Luger
M00N – Get the Midnight Blade
200k – Get unknown item
mule – Get unknown item
HELLTRACER – Get unknown item
CAT – Get unknown item
Y3HBOI – Get Chroma Vintage
FROST – Get Permafrost Sword
WALKER – Get unknown item
F15H – Get Knife Skin
SCYTHE – Get the Rainbow Scythe
conn – Get unknown item
WHY – Get Sad Knife
LUCKY – Get Lucky Knife and Luckify Effect
PRINCE – Get the Prince Sword
YOUTUBE – The reward when you redeem this code will the Youtuber Knife
K450 – Get 5x Lava Scythe
BIGGY – Get unknown item
GEMS – Get Death Hammer

How To Redeem Codes In Murder Mystery 3 Roblox Game

Here are some basic steps that should be followed to redeem the codes in the Murder Mystery 3.

  1. You need to open your phone and click on the menu icon on the right side.
  2. It will take you to the Codes page, where you can see the CODE HERE label.
  3. Click on that and enter the respective code and have a hit on the redeem button.
  4. Then you will be receiving some rewards and cash.

Final Words:

This game is enjoyable but it became a failure.The main reason behind failure is it looks like the carbon copy of the Murder Mystery 2 game.The coins, pets and the map which are there are similar to those in bubble simulator games.The game designer should have tried in another way to make it successful.

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