Melanie Martinez – Roblox Music Codes

If you are interested in hearing all kinds of Melanie Martinez songs, follow us. For this famous and beloved artist we give you all sorts of Roblox musical signs. On this platform we refer to Melanie Martinez Cake, Wicked Words, Sweet Escape, Recess, Dollhouse and many more Roblox IDs. Check out the table below and get your favorite Roblox song code.

This Melanie Martinez song ID is the best table, and after using your favorite Roblox games, it can be easily copied and played as the background song behind your game.

These are the latest and most useful Melanie Martinez song IDs in every Roblox game. If you think we’ve released one of your Melanie Martinez Roblox favorite song IDs, feel free to comment below and we’ll try to update these song codes as soon as possible.

Song NameCode
Melanie Martinez - Cake472231729
Melanie Martinez - Wicked Words346430693
Melanie Martinez- Run3267892616
That poppy & Melanie Martinez Mashup)648482061
Melanie Martinez - Sweet Escape1238244907
Melanie Martinez - Recess3646156275
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse394456799
Lunchbox Friends - Melanie Martinez3634260046
Cry Baby- Melanie Martinez283669905
melanie martinez - train song1432859031
Melanie Martinez - Bittersweet Tragedy237717439
Creep - Melanie Martinez314855510
Melanie Martinez - Wheels On The Bus3898358473
Melanie Martinez - Night Mime450499932
detention - melanie martinez3777065697
Melanie Martinez - Mad World934779631
Melanie Martinez - The Principal3909084193
Haunted - Melanie Martinez2319769787
Melanie Martinez - Drama Club3646152126
Melanie Martinez - Teacher's Pet3908043580
Nurse's Office - Melanie Martinez3634256190
Melanie Martinez - Strawberry Shortcake3895656547
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse510033671
Detention - Melanie Martinez3634253346
Rough Love - Melanie Martinez340093315
Melanie Martinez - Skitzo2456235641
Smoke - Melanie Martinez420633054
Melanie Martinez - Blue Knees866325979
Melanie Martinez - Paper People3175946163
Melanie Martinez - Training Wheels3104832723
Fire Drill Slowed down – Melanie Martinez3852447835
Orange Juice – Melanie Martinez3850682536
High School Sweethearts – Melanie Martinez3875228657
Carousel – Melanie Martinez241596769
Melanie Martinez – Show & Tell3823067912
Melanie Martinez – Class Fight3646158068
Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez408237926
Pity Party – Melanie Martinez2712117775

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