Roblox Mad City Codes 2020 List

Nowadays many gamers are showing more interest in playing fun and action-oriented games. Roblox is the best gaming platform for them to fulfill their desire.There is a huge number of games on Roblox. Roblox mad city is an interesting game on Roblox where more than 70000 people had to go through this game. Instead of saying fun, we say this game is an action-oriented game. The reason behind this is the fight between supervillain and superhero or policies. The best feature in this game is you can have the power of being good or you can perform evil actions. The main theme of the story is supervillains and criminals and try to do robberies and create disorderliness in the city. The police and superheroes try to stop those actions performed by criminals. If any of the criminals kill superheroes then he will become supervillains.

Mad City Roblox Codes List

Codes in the mad city are used to get skins, rewards, and coins, etc. Skins can be applied to a person, weapon and a vehicle. For applying the skin to the vehicle drive over to the wrench icon on the map and apply skin at a mechanic. roblox mad city codes are to be redeemed in order to get all these items. These mad city codes can not be redeemed inside the car. If you try to redeem codes inside the car it does not work. These are only active codes in Roblox mad city game and no expired codes up to now. There are separate codes for every skin.

CodePrize MoneyStatus
M4DC1TYBlack Hex AK47 skinWorking
W33K3NDHYP3Monochrome vehicle skinWorking
B3M1N3Hearts SPAS skinWorking
B34M3RSunbeam vehicle skinWorking
S34Z4N3Plasma vehicle skinWorking
T4L3NTalon vehicle spoilerWorking
0N3Y34RBirthday Fireworks vehicle skinWorking
NapkinNapkinNate vehicle skinWorking
5K37CHSk3tchYT vehicle skinWorking
S33Z4N2Frosty vehicle skinWorking
S34Z4N4Purple Zebra vehicle skinWorking
STR33TL1N3Streetline vehicle skinWorking
RealKreekKreekCraft vehicle skinWorking
TH1NKP1NKPinky vehicle skinWorking
uNiQueEe BACONMyUsernamesThis vehicle skinWorking
BanditesBandites vehicle skinWorking
KraoESPKraoESP vehicle skinWorking
D1$C0Disco vehicle skinWorking

How To Redeem Codes In Mad City Roblox Game

We need to redeem codes to get rewards, skins, and coins, we follow the below steps for this aspect.


  1. Intillay open the game on your phone and search for the twitter icon.
  2. Hit on twitter icon you will be going to a page saying Codes.
  3. There will be an ENTER CODE option, have a hit on it and enter the respective code.

Conclusion :

Mad City is a mystery game that gives more entertainment with clashes between criminals and police. It is also a good thrilling game which motivates the present generation to come forward and share their thoughts with designers and creators to encourage them to create new games on Roblox.

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