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Roblox Song Roblox ID
Esskeetit Roblox ID 1238419165
Had Roblox ID 944932126
D Rose Roblox ID 2751402255
Kilo Roblox ID 634425600
Lil Pump - Gucci Gang 1762600524
Esskeetit Roblox ID 1612762335
Lil Pump 2249422231
Lil Pump Gucci Gang ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO (OOF-er GAN 1414677299
Lil Pump's Teachings (REUPLOAD) 1588328796
morgenshtern lil pump watafuk 5951750289
TRIXXX - Lil Pump & Ronny J 1297871698
[8Bit] Lil Pump - Esskeetit 1659656053
Lil Pump 1175797100
Lil Pump - Welcome to the party 2694620246
Lil Pump Racks On Racks longer + little bassboost 2826957800
ESKETIT LIL PUMP SONG CLEAN (Official) 1613382751
Lil Pump - Boss [Extreme Bass Boost] 1314232501
Lil Pump - Reese's Gang 1564855425
BartBaker (Lil Pump) 1263134637
Lil Pump - NOOB GANG 1542689725
Lil Pump Gucci Gang Instrumental 1245175151
Lil Pump Butterfly Doors 2838055741
Lil Pump ESKETIT Instrumental 1487952933
Lil Pump - Boss (Instrumental) 950268716
Lil Pump - Gucci Gang 2547598538
XXXTENTACION & Lil Pump ft.ECT "Arms Around You" 2515275369
Lil Pump Gucci Gang Roblox Parody "OOF ER Gang" 1301381595
XXXTENTACION - Arms Around You (ft. Lil Pump) 2376246459
some lil pump thing . lol . 1196721489
[Clean] Gucci Gang Remix (Lil Pump Remix) 1249745908
Lil Pump Anime 938648899
Lil pump alfa 4497382161
smokepurpp & lil pump - kilo 444608325
Lil Pump - Esketit 890215257
Furry Gang (Lil Pump - Gucci Gang Parody) 1191274678
Lil Pump Racks On Racks 2811582385
Lil pump - Boss 745980727
???????????? OOFER GANG - LIL PUMP ???????????? 1327560343
Lil Pump - Be Like Me 2912215415
XXXTENTACION, Lil Pump, Swae Lee - Arms Around You 2510180816
Lil Pump Gucci Gang (OOFER GANG) 1372603697
Lil Pump - OOFer Gang 1325149363

1. Who is Lil Pump?

American rapper and composer Lil Pump. He rose to fame in the late 2010s because to his widely successful hit song "Gucci Gang." Lil Pump is well-known for his upbeat and infectious trap music sound, which is defined by catchy songs and abrasive lyrics. He has put out a number of popular works, including as the mixtape "Harverd Dropout" and his self-titled debut album "Lil Pump." Lil Pump is a well-known character in the contemporary rap world because to his unique sense of style and endearing demeanor.

2. TOP Famous Lil Pump Roblox ID

2.1. Lil Pump Roblox music code - Esketit

Popular Lil Pump single "Esketit" was released in 2018. Lil Pump's hallmark song, noted for its catchy and repeating chorus, became the tune in question. The phrase "Esketit" is one that Lil Pump often employs and has come to represent his upbeat and carefree demeanor.

Trap-influenced music, powerful basslines, and Lil Pump's characteristic delivery are all present in the song. Lil Pump's position as a rising star in the hip-hop business was cemented with "Esketit," which attracted a lot of attention on social media.

2.2. Lil Pump Roblox Song ID - Gucci Gang

Popular Lil Pump song "Gucci Gang" was released in 2017. The song went viral and propelled Lil Pump to mainstream prominence. One of Lil Pump's most well-known tracks, "Gucci Gang" is recognized for its repetitious lyrics and addictive trap sound.

Lil Pump uses Gucci, a high-end designer label, as a metaphor for his opulent lifestyle in the song's title. Lil Pump's standing in the music business was further cemented with "Gucci Gang" receiving extensive radio play and charting on the Billboard Hot 100.

2.3. Lil Pump Roblox ID - Teachings

Lil Pump, who is well-known for his upbeat and melodic rap style, wrote the song "Teachings." The song features Lil Pump's distinctive flow and boastful lyrics in which he flexes about his fortune, notoriety, and opulent lifestyle.

"Teachings" is a noteworthy single in Lil Pump's repertoire because to its hard-hitting production and memorable hook. The song demonstrates Lil Pump's self-assurance and his talent for writing catchy party songs that connect with his listeners. The vibrant mood and catchy lyrics of "Teachings" perfectly encapsulate Lil Pump's musical aesthetic.

2.4. Lil Pump Roblox music code - Welcome to the Party

The song "Welcome to the Party" is by Lil Pump. 2019 saw the release of it as a track from his album "Harverd Dropout." Lil Pump's signature style of upbeat trap rhythms and catchy lyrics are present in the song. Lil Pump's braggadocious lyrics and exuberant performance on "Welcome to the Party" give the song a party anthem feel. Fans of Lil Pump's music like the song and gave it positive reviews for its upbeat feel.

2.5. Lil Pump Roblox Song ID - Boss

The song "Boss" was written by Lil Pump. It was made available as a song in 2017 and eventually included on his first mixtape of the same name. Lil Pump's aggressive flow and trap-inspired sounds are included on the song.

In "Boss," Lil Pump extols his opulent lifestyle, fortune, and success in the music business. The song is a favorite among Lil Pump fans due to its memorable choruses and repeating lyrics. The song "Boss" perfectly captures Lil Pump's unapologetic and confident demeanor, which reflects his ascension to fame in the hip-hop arena.

3. How to use Lil Pump Roblox ID

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