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Roblox Song Roblox ID
YEAH RIGHT Roblox ID 1750854877
WORLD$TAR MONEY Roblox ID 461346122
Joji - need ## #### #### 5747275032
Joji - High Hopes 5746960133
Joji - Reanimator 5746380779
Joji - 777 5746339606
Joji - Afterthought 5745886981
Joji - Tick Tok 5745711012
Joji Revillame - Ikaw Na Ngax In The Dark - VonVon 5745207053
joji - ew 5743339351
Joji - Upgrade 5735553996
Joji - Your Man 5735270154
Joji - Normal People 5734970120
Joji - Like You Do 5734073952
JojitBaldivino slow dribbling in the dark - VonVon 5697532459
Joji - Gimme Love 4920177193
BESIDJU Joji 1526921903
Joji - Why you changin 1575368437
Joji - R.I.P. 5464891017
joji - louf u end extension 1380392213
JoJi SpOoN 5561346338
Rich Brian ft. Joji - Introvert [Cleaned] 1456464580
Joji Bitter 1175516370
joji - rain on me 980609774
joji - old yeller 610200394
Medicine - Joji 686957303
Joji - Window 1161468476
joji - will he 1159631171
Joji & Trippie Red - 18 1362821713
joji - thom 452385370
joji - Will He (FULL) 1117553954
Midsummer Madness - Joji + AUGUST08 (CLEAN) 2625620541
joji - plastic taste 485138399
Joji - Head In The Clouds 2249325786
Joji - Sanctuary 3319901762
TEST DRIVE - Joji 2542512233
joji - unsaved info (full) 427736550
joji - XXX 525379956
Joji - Slow Dancing in the Dark 2394059497

1. Who is Joji?

Joji is a Japanese-Australian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. His true name is George Kusunoki Miller. As Filthy Frank, a YouTube star, he originally became well-known for his funny and divisive video. But he switched to music and went under the stage name Joji, adopting a more somber and contemplative creative course.

The emotional depth, reflective lyrics, and ethereal soundscapes that define Joji's music. His sound combines elements of R&B, alternative, and lo-fi music to produce a distinctive brew that appeals to listeners. Themes of love, grief, and self-reflection are explored in Joji's haunting voice and emotional music.

2. TOP Famous Joji Roblox ID

2.1. Joji Roblox music code - High Hopes

The American band Panic! at the Disco's song "High Hopes" is an upbeat and anthem. The song, which was released in 2018 as the first single from their album "Pray for the Wicked," swiftly rose to the top of the charts and won over fans.

With its upbeat and celebratory tone, "High Hopes" captures listeners' attention right away. It has upbeat instrumentals, appealing melodies, and a driving tempo that creates an upbeat and happy atmosphere.

In the song's start, lead singer Brendon Urie's strong and dynamic vocals stand out, showing his amazing vocal range and the contagious energy he delivers to the music. The lyrics encourage listeners to aspire high and endure by celebrating resiliency, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams.

2.2. Joji Roblox Song ID - Reanimator

The American singer-songwriter Purity Ring's song "Reanimator" is fascinating and mesmerizing. The song, which Purity Ring released in 2020 as a single from their album "WOMB," demonstrates their distinctive fusion of electronic pop and ethereal soundscapes.

With its ambient and surreal character, "Reanimator"'s beginning instantly captures the attention of listeners. It has sophisticated production, ethereal synths, and hypnotic melodies that give off an otherworldly vibe.

The lead singer Megan James' ethereal, delicate vocals elegantly hover over the song's opening, giving it an additional dimension of magic. The lyrics explore the power of change, self-discovery, and rebirth, prompting reflection and an introspective journey.

2.3. Joji Roblox ID - Afterthought

Featuring vocals by American singer-songwriter and musician Blood Orange, "Afterthought" is a touching and reflective song by Canadian artist and producer The Weeknd. The song can be found on The Weeknd's highly regarded album "After Hours," which was published in 2020.

The gloomy and eerie instrumentals that open "Afterthought" establish a reflective and depressing mood. It has soft melodies, languid rhythms, and ethereal synthesizers that evoke reflection and emotional depth.

2.4. Joji Roblox music code - Upgrade

The American singer-songwriter Lil Pump's song "Upgrade" is upbeat and inspirational. The song, which was released in 2020 as a single, has Lil Pump's distinct trap sound and memorable hooks.

With its high-energy production and hard-hitting sounds, the start of "Upgrade" instantly attracts listeners' attention. It has thunderous basslines, snappy snares, and a catchy rhythm that create an upbeat and assured atmosphere.

2.5. Joji Roblox Song ID - Your Man

The American country music performer Josh Turner's song "Your Man" is a passionate and evocative love ballad. Turner's album with the same title's first song, released in 2005, became a huge smash and cemented Turner's reputation in the country music industry.

With its smooth and sweet country feel, "Your Man" captures listeners' attention right away. It has a passionate and enchanting ambience thanks to Turner's deep and resonant voice, warm tones, and rich acoustic guitar strumming.

Turner's strong baritone voice, which exudes honesty and emotion, sets the tone for the remainder of the song. The song's lyrics are an expression of the listener's sincere desire to be the one to satisfy all of their partner's amorous demands by showing them love, devotion, and loyalty.

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