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Roblox Song Roblox ID
Broken Record - Jason Derulo 401894515
In My Head - Jason Derulo 253015205
Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo 299046683
Blind - Jason Derulo 401894600
Bubblegum - Jason Derulo 2804615536
The other side - Jason Derulo 178434668
Gymnastic floor - Jason Derulo 1404185807
Sickick - Jason Derulo 1378626387
Watcha Say Jason Derulo Songs 6299441269
Jason Derulo - Cheyenne lyrics 6276240580
nobody ...... jason derulo in 2010 6129297496
Jason Derulo - Savage Love (OFFICIAL AUDIO) 5046615493
Jason Derulo - Savage Love (remix) 6720012369

1. Who is Jason Derulo?

American singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo. He became well-known in 2009 after his first song, "Whatcha Say," peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Since that time, Jason Derulo has put out a ton of popular songs, some of which include "In My Head," "Ridin' Solo," "Talk Dirty," "Want to Want Me," and "Savage Love."

He is renowned for his upbeat performances, amazing vocal range, and catchy pop and R&B songs. Jason Derulo has had international success and has worked with many different musicians.

2. TOP Famous Jason Derulo Roblox ID

2.1. Jason Derulo Roblox music code - Broken Record

American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo's song "Broken Record" is one of his. The song is a mid-tempo R&B/pop number that highlights Derulo's sultry voice and sentimental lyrics. It was made available as a single, and reviews of it were favorable due to its catchy melody and themes of love and sorrow.

Contemporary R&B and infectious pop choruses are combined in "Broken Record" to create a distinctive and very emotional listening experience. The track is a sympathetic and interesting addition to Jason Derulo's catalog since it speaks to those who have encountered the endless cycle of a broken relationship.

2.2. Jason Derulo Roblox Song ID - In My Head

The hit song "In My Head" was written and performed by American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo. The song, which was made available as a single in 2010, became one of Derulo's hallmark successes. It is a positive, catchy pop tune that highlights Derulo's slick vocals and melody.

The idea of being smitten with someone and having romantic fantasies about them is central to the lyrics of the song. Pop, R&B, and electronic music all come together in "In My Head" to provide a lively and energizing sound. The song was a commercial triumph, topping the charts in various nations because to its memorable chorus and hooks.

2.3. Jason Derulo Roblox ID - Want To Want Me

The hit song "Want To Want Me" was written and performed by American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo. The song, which was made available as a single in 2015, became one of Derulo's greatest successes. The song, which is energetic and appealing, features Derulo's amazing vocal range and silky falsetto.

The words of the song center on the idea of attraction and desire, expressing the desire to be desired by a certain someone. Pop, R&B, and dance elements combine in "Want To Want Me" to produce a catchy and contagious sound that appealed to audiences all over the globe. Jason Derulo's reputation as a popular pop musician was cemented by the song's dynamic production, contagious melodies, and catchy lyrics.

2.4. Jason Derulo Roblox music code - Blind

The hit song "Blind" was written and performed by American singer-songwriter Jason Derulo. He published the song in 2021, and it can be found on his album "Apt. 9B." The poignant and reflective song "Blind" exemplifies Derulo's emotional range and openness as a performer. The lyrics of the song discuss the difficulty of navigating a relationship when trust has been betrayed as well as the concept of love.

The listener feels an emotional connection to Derulo's strong voice and the moving lyrics, which capture the sorrow and difficulty of feeling betrayed and caught off guard in a relationship. Modern R&B and pop components are mixed together in the music production, which increases the song's overall emotional effect. In Jason Derulo's catalog, "Blind" stands out as a soulful and moving song, showcasing his range as a performer.

2.5. Jason Derulo Roblox Song ID - Bubblegum

The bouncy and catchy song "Bubblegum" is performed by American singer, songwriter, and performer Jason Derulo. The song, which was published in 2017, is well-known for its catchy tune and lighthearted lyrics.

The upbeat pop song "Bubblegum" praises having fun and living life to the fullest. The song is ideal for dancing to and getting into a happy mood because to its upbeat sound and appealing melodies. Smooth vocals and a dynamic performance by Jason Derulo contribute to the song's overall enjoyment and lightheartedness. "Bubblegum" is a great option whether you're seeking for music to dance to or just want to feel better.

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