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Roblox Song Roblox ID
No Heart Roblox ID 458542186
Yessirskiii Roblox ID 4776013900
Bank Account Roblox ID 2736025209
Runnin Roblox ID 6273208014
21 savage - runnin ; 6281179197
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Glock In My Lap 6098396022
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Intro 5811057017
[8Bit] 21 Savage - Bank Account 1742845192
21 Savage - Dip Dip [ Instrumental] 571924640
Post ###### 21 Savage- Rockstar (Nickelback Remix 1163229848
Travi$ $c0tt & 21 Savage- Krippy K#sh 1287360213
21 Savage - One Foot (LOUD) 584663314
21 Savage - Red Opps 100+ SOLD 507885409
21 Savage Typebeat 894191368
21 Savage As A Substitute Teacher 913709526
Post M 21 Savage- Rockstar (Nickelback Remix 1121977872
21 Savage - Bank Account (instrumental) BASS BOOST 1135274461
21 Savage - Bank Account - Minecraft 1156299775
NBA YoungBoy & 21 Savage "Murder (Remix)" 587922669
21 Savage - All The Smoke 853083687
21 Savage - Bank Account (Instrumental) 1020679519
21 Savage x Supply 360056845
Post ###### - Rockstar ft. 21 Savage (REALM Remix) 1323196760

1. Who is 21 Savage?

Rapper, songwriter, and record producer 21 Savage, whose true name is Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was born in Britain. On October 22, 1992, he was born in Plaistow, London, England. 

With the help of producer Metro Boomin, 21 Savage released mixtapes like "Savage Mode" (2016) that helped him become well-known in the music business. His distinctive sound blends grimy, introspective lyricism with trap rhythms and is a reflection of his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia after immigrating to the country as a young boy.

21 Savage, who is well-known for his deep, gravelly voice and forthright delivery, often raps about his background, life on the streets, and encounters with poverty and violence. His songs explore societal themes, personal challenges, and his journey from a rough background to a prosperous profession.

2. TOP Famous 21 Savage Roblox ID

2.1. 21 Savage Roblox music code - Runnin

The upbeat and energizing song "Runnin" was written and performed by American rapper 21 Savage in association with American record producer Metro Boomin. In 2020, it was made available as a part of their collaborative album, "Savage Mode II."

A eerie piano tune that provides a melancholy and atmospheric tone at the beginning of the song. The song then transitions to 21 Savage's gritty and reflective vocals, which convey reflective lyrics about his path and perseverance in the face of hardship. The film "Runnin" addresses issues of willpower, tenacity, and the pursuit of achievement.

The subject of "Runnin" is 21 Savage's experiences with street life, his struggles, and his persistent will to overcome adversities. The song promotes self-confidence and the determination to put in the effort necessary to attain success and personal progress.

2.2. 21 Savage Roblox Song ID - Glock In My Lap

American rapper and songwriter 21 Savage performs the hard-hitting and nasty song "Glock In My Lap" on stage. He collaborated with producer Metro Boomin to create the album "Savage Mode II," which was published in 2021.

The song's strong and menacing instrumental, which has a deep bass, creepy synthesizers, and trap-inspired production, instantly captures your attention. The song then transitions into 21 Savage's powerful and forceful vocals, which convey genuine and unapologetic lyrics that describe his experiences living on the streets and the risks involved.

"Glock In My Lap" is an unabashed song that captures 21 Savage's unwavering attitude toward self-defense and preparedness for any circumstance. His desire to protect himself and his team is emphasized in the lyrics, which demonstrate his street smarts and awareness.

2.3. 21 Savage Roblox ID - Intro

A song called "Intro" often acts as the album's first track, establishing the mood and exposing listeners to the artist's musical taste, topics, or general idea. It has a significant role in creating the mood and grabbing the listener's attention right away.

Depending on the artist and their artistic aims, an intro may take on a broad variety of forms. Short musical pieces that set the tone or heighten anticipation for what's to follow are often used as intros. Others could include spoken word snippets, audio recordings, or unusual soundscapes that provide light on the artist's perspective or place the album's subjects in context.

An album's opener should engage listeners and acclimate them to the aesthetic expression and narrative that the record will provide. It may establish the scene, elicit feelings, or foster anticipation for what comes next.

2.4. 21 Savage Roblox music code - Bank Account

The hard-hitting song "Bank Account" is performed by American rapper 21 Savage. It was made available as a single in 2017 from his first studio album, "Issa Album."

A scary and understated piano melody that provides a gloomy and ominous tone at the beginning of the song. The lyrics spoken by 21 Savage, whose voice is distinctive and harsh, depict his experiences with street life, riches, and the desire of success. The song "Bank Account" is a tribute to monetary prosperity and the way of life it brings.

The song "Bank Account" explores topics of money, power, and success trappings lyrically. 21 Savage uses rap to talk about his opulent lifestyle, pricey acquisitions, and the difficulties he overcame to become financially stable.

2.5. 21 Savage Roblox Song ID - One Foot

The lively and spirited song "One Foot" is sung by the American indie rock group Walk the Moon. It served as the first single for their 2017 album "What If Nothing."

The opening guitar riff of the song is catchy and contagious, drawing the listener in right away. Nicholas Petricca, the main singer for Walk the Moon, comes with his energetic and vivid voice, establishing a vivacious and carefree tone. "One Foot" is a song that exhorts people to take chances, live in the moment, and accept life's uncertainties.

The song "One Foot" tackles themes of fortitude, endurance, and accepting life's course lyrically. The lyrics express the band's will to keep going even in the face of obstacles and failures. The motivating theme of the song inspires viewers to leave their comfort zones and grasp possibilities.

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