Animal Jam Codes For Gems & Diamonds 2020

Searching for animal jam codes 2020? Look no farther because we are giving out codes for animal jam which are completely working.

Are you looking for a safer playground where your kids can enjoy fun activities while empowering their skills? The Animal Jam is a virtual game which was introduced to online gamers on 2010. This was developed by WildWorks and in collaboration with the national geographic. Since then, this booming online game for children has registered approximately 160 million users across the globe. Before a player starts to explore the real-life adventure with their favourite animals, one has to create an account first.

Since using codes are very essential, we are providing you with a list of animal jam codes 2019 which are guaranteed working:


Animal Jam Codes 2020

ajbday9 : Try this code for 9th Birthday Cake

AJBDAY88th Birthday Cake
coolpolarbear750 gems
dashingdolphin750 gems
junoHidden Juno Statue
fastfalcon750 gems
clevercoyote750 gems
funnyfox750 gems
billygoat750 gems
fuzzytiger750 gems
curiousraccoon750 gems
happyhyena750 gems
adorableotter750 gems
cuddlykoala750 gems
cheerycheetah750 gems
luckyllama750 gems
poshpig750 gems
livelylynx750 gems
quickhorse750 gems
sillyseal750 gems
playfulpanda750 gems
jammerjoey750 gems
slowsloth750 gems
lovablelemur750 gems
loudlion750 gems
sneakycougar750 gems
snowyleopard750 gems
supersheep750 gems
wiseowl750 gems
explorer100 gems
touchytoucan750 gems
wileywolf750 gems
swiftdeer750 gems

Expired Animal Jam Codes 2020

NGKAJ19500 gems
dynamitejams500 gems
koala500 gems
penguinsPenguin Animal
wintergameMystery at Mt Shiveer Book
ajtreasurechest1000 gems
annual2play900 gems
twelve1 diamond
beeparty500 gems
penguinsPet Penguin
arctic500 gems
NGKAJ18500 gems
pirateshipLost Treasure Book
AJBDAY7777 gems
ajplaycards500 gems
heartstoneCall of the Alphas Book
secretelephant500 gems
wildbackpackPlay Wild Backpack
wildlunch800 gems
greeleysfans500 gems
grahamsgreatest500 gems
riddlethisThe Phantoms’ Secret Book
time2jam750 gems
powerbackpackPanda Power Backpack
paws4friendsReader’s Lamp
fastfriend250 gems
getready2jamReader’s Sofa
happyfriend1000 gems
ready2jam750 gems
aj4everReader’s Chair
softfriend800 gems
downyfriend1000 gems
fuzzyfriend500 gems
jamaafun2day750 gems
bestfriends500 gems
tropical500 gems
flying500 gems
bats500 gems
underwater500 gems
trivia500 gems
bemybuddy1000 gems
NGKAJ17500 gems
trench500 gems
AJBDAY66th birthday cake
phantoms500 gems
mega1000 gems
party500 gems
fashion500 gems
ajbday5Animal Jam 5th birthday cake
birthday500 gems
tojam1000 gems
llamas500 gems
explore500 gems
gifts500 gems
pets500 gems
outback500 gems
adventure500 gems
NGKJammin1000 gems
drawing500 gems
winter500 gems
newyear15500 gems
beano1000 gems
ajrocks500 gems
picsou1000 gems
ngk20151000 gems
friends1000 gems
chimbu500 gems
friendship500 gems
ganges500 gems
ajbday4Animal Jam 4th birthday cake
tigris500 gems
spooky500 gems
nile500 gems
shadows500 gems
ngkidsrox1000 gems
ngexplorer1000 gems
thanksimprisoned phantoms
kama500 gems
discovery1000 gems
alphas500 gems
HOOOT500 gems
10million10 million banner
ajbday3Animal Jam 3rd birthday cake
zambezi500 gems
birthday bashbirthday cake
AJHQ3000500 gems
dolphin500 gems
kangaroo500 gems

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What are Animal Jam Codes?

Like any other online games, Animal Jam is likewise using aj codes in order to earn gems and promo gits such as diamonds and birthday cakes. Some of the codes which are equivalent to gems will normally give you 100, 500 or 1000 if you are lucky enough. The game rules are only simple but significantly boost your child’s skills and develop an enhancing atmosphere for them.

The animal jam codes that you have collected are convertible to rewards of different value. These codes help you purchase clothes and den items from the store. Depending on your gems, you can choose different clothes to wear. Starting a small den and decorating it likewise requires gems which normally range from 2,000 to 7,500 gems and even cost you significant diamonds. Eventually purchased items using the codes for animal jam will also allow you to trade some of them which you think not useful.

The animal jam codes are not case sensitive where entering them either in upper or lower case will not be a problem. As long as they are not expired, they can serve useful to earn prizes or rewards while playing.

How to Redeem Animal Jam Codes?

Codes for Animal Jam play a significant role in the game. The game is indeed fun when you have the gems to purchase clothes or decorate your den. Without earning gems, you cannot display your creativity and the game will sound really uninteresting.

There are three quick procedures in redeeming the codes. To help you out in redeeming animal jam codes 2019, here are the following ways:

Step 1 : Animal Jam redeem your code page

  • Visit
  • Enter the code

Step 2 : Animal Jam’s home screen

  • Go to the home screen of Animal Jam
  • Click the splash screen which says, “I Have a Code to Enter”
  • A text box will show where you can enter the code

Step 3: My settings menu

  • Log in to your Animal Jam account
  • Go to settings menu
  • Enter the code on the box next to AJ code
  • Click enter and claim your prize.

Apart from being creative in choosing your clothes and items to decorate your den through the codes for animal jam, collaborative attitude can be enhanced. Trading of items to other players can be done as well as attending parties or finding jobs. There are a lot of exciting adventures to explore while using aj codes in playing.

Leave us a Message

We are updating the codes to make sure that all are working. In cases where the given codes are not working or you need additional codes, leave us a message below. We are not generating codes but we are helping you to have access on these codes and we make sure that they are new and reliable. Have fun!.

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