2Pac Roblox Music Codes

How to listen to the song while playing the Roblox game? Every player of the Roblox game has this question in their mind. To give you the answer to your question Today I am here with the proper guidance that you can follow to apply the 2Pac song codes to your favorite song when you are playing the Roblox game. From the given table, you have to copy the song ID of your favorite song and paste them in the Roblox game.

You can listen to the favorite song or all song of the 2Pac as it is one of the best singers.  You just need to follow the above procedure and it is helpful for the players whose hobby are listening to music with playing the game.

If in case your favorite song code is not given in the above list then you can simply leave a comment in the comment box with the song that is your favorite.

  1. Find your song through “Search box”
  2. “Click” Or “Double tap” On Roblox Code
  3. “Copy” That code
  4. “Paste it” In Roblox Game
Song NameCode (ID's)
Life Goes On - 2Pac186317099
Hit 'Em Up - 2Pac228274463 or
Changes - 2Pac131136706 or
Everyday Struggle - 2Pac892284129
Escape to Heaven - 2Pac569561246
Listen To Your Heart - 2Pac2053436276
Little Do You Know - 2Pac1466107814
Heartz Of Men - 2Pac613147008
Im a Rider - 2Pac596028434
2Pac - Troublesome '96148513590
2PAC - LEGENDARY3261645248
2Pac - Stand By Me1217269653
2Pac - Ready or Not Remix880092225
2Pac - Rather Be Ya1665028217
2Pac - Lost Souls 401710316
2Pac - Will I Quit2248752253
2Pac - Ambitions Az a Ridah132452473
2Pac - Everyday Struggle Remix892284129
2Pac - Smile Now Cry Later798467742

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